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RAO’s product tankers are used for the shipment of so-called “liquid bulk commodities,” such as fuel oil, aviation fuel and diesel, but also light chemicals. With such commodities, a distinction is made between “dirty” cargoes (e.g., crude, bunker and heavy heating oil) and “clean” cargoes (e.g., petrol, kerosene and naphtha).

In the product tanker segment, RAO has specialized in smaller units of so-called “medium-range (MR) product carriers” with capacities of up to 51,000 metric tons. The ships deployed by RAO are all equipped with double hulls to protect the environment. Unlike the large supertankers, they can also call at smaller ports and feature a large number of pumping and loading systems, which makes it possible to fill separate tank sections with different cargo. All tanks are coated and equipped with special high-pressure sprinkler systems, which allows them to be thoroughly cleaned.

RAO’s product tankers, which are under way worldwide, tend to be chartered for the medium or long term.

Please find detailed information about our product carrier fleet here .

RAO ship St. Jacobi | © Dietmar Hasenpusch

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